>Sammy and Suki

>I took this picture of my two dogs this past weekend, aren’t they the cutest? Suki (the little one) got a hair cut this weekend and the grooming place had her for six hours. When I picked her up the lady that cut her hair said that Suki would only allow her to touch her. Anytime anyone else came close, Suki would try to attack them. She thinks that she is a pitbull. The other one, Sammy is the sweetest, most gentle dog in the world. She is epileptic and very frail, I love them both to death. They bring so much joy to my life so I thought that I would share them with the rest of you…

Sammy and Suki Posted by Hello


2 thoughts on “>Sammy and Suki

  1. >Our dog is also epileptic. May I ask what kind of medications your dog is on? We give Mickey Phenobarbitol and Potassium Bromide. I don’t like doing both but the Potassium alone didn’t work.

  2. >Hi Stargazer, I give Sammy phenobarbitol twice a day. She is 9 years old and when I adopted her a year and a half ago, she had never been treated for her epilepsy. She was having seizures daily, it was very sad. But now that she is on the medication, she only has a siezure once every couple months or so.

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