>Happy Easter!

>I realize that it has been awhile since I last wrote in here, the past week has been VERY busy! Thanks for praying for dry weather last weekend, God blessed us with sunshine. We checked in all 3700 people smoothly and safely. And even though it rained during the week, hundreds of new homes were built in Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito and Juarez Mexico. I came into the office today at 7am to send a group of 200 people across the border and now I have a little bit of a break before another 1000 people cross the border today. Pray for us today and tomorrow as we have another 1100 people crossing the border tomorrow.

When I think of Easter, I think of going to church with my family and then spending the whole day together. This is my third year in a row that I have spent my Easter working here at Amor. In the past it hasn’t bothered me much but this year I really miss my family. I called my parents on the way to work this morning and told them I love them, miss them and hope they have a great Easter. Later today I will call my older sister and tell her the same, but I just wish that I could spend the day with all of them like old times. Tamara is going to come down and help check in groups with me today so I am blessed to have my younger sister around, but I know she misses the family also. I hope that all of you get to spend the special day with family and loved ones.


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