>My Future

>There are some changes that will be happening in my life soon and I could really use your prayers. I am burnt out on my job as Mission Services Representative and have let my boss know that I am at the end of my time here. I have committed to stay in this position through the summer because the summer is such a busy time for us. The fall is a slower season for us so we will be able to train someone to take my place before we get busy again. I have a few different options for what I could do after I leave this position but I am not sure which one to take. My boss has made it clear that Amor would love to keep me and move me into a new position. I have also though about going back to school and completing a degree and Amor is willing to work around my school schedule. I have a lot to think about and could really use your prayers for wisdom and clarification.

Please pray for me to have a servant’s heart. I have been very stressed and very busy and have not had the best attitude lately. It is so hard to remain joyful when I am doing a job that I no longer enjoy. Every day I struggle with the fact that I don’t enjoy my job because I feel as if I should enjoy whatever ministry God has placed me in. By the end of every work day I am so mentally and emotionally exhausted that I don’t feel like I can communicate with anyone, including God. So, my relationship with God is suffering and I can’t quite get a grasp on how to bring it back to where it should be. Last night at church my pastor was speaking words to the people in the crowd who felt burnt out on life and needed a fresh start with God. Usually during that time in the sermon my mind wanders all over the place but last night my heart was hurting and I heard every word he said. I need to figure out how to get that fresh start. I can picture God standing and waiting for me to take a hold of His hand again. After all, we have been walking together for a long time. For some reason I just lost my energy to keep moving forward and I sat down to take a break. Now He is waiting for me to get back up and start walking forward with Him again. It is hard to look at my life and have no clue who I am or where I am going anymore. I will be 26 in a couple months and I feel like I should have it figured out by now, but I am coming to the realization that maybe people never have it totally figured out. Maybe that continual search is what keeps us growing.

I just went back and read the words that I wrote and I wonder if it will make sense to any of you. It amazes me how one little thing like being burnt out on my job can leave me feeling so tired and lost in every aspect of my life.

Please just pray for me and my future.


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