>Book Recommendation?

>I love to read, I would say that it is my favorite hobby. I will read anything that you put in front of me; books, magazines, newspapers, etc. I absolutely love to get lost in a story. No matter how stressed I am, I can pick up a book and immediately get lost in another world. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is true. One of the most wonderful things in life is to discover a great author and read all of their books. But lately I am at a loss for new reading material. I have read and reread every book on my shelf and I need some new material. I like all kinds of books so please recommend anything you love.

Some of my favorites are:

The Chronicles of Narnia
anything Harry Potter
The Lord of the Rings
anything by:
Madeleine Brent
Ted Dekker
Mary Higgins Clark

There are so many books that I love that I can’t list them all. I love adventure and mystery books and I love heros (Harry Potter, Frodo, etc.)

By the way, if you love to read I recommend trying a book by Madeleine Brent. They are the most incredible stories that are constantly changing from adventure to adventure. My mom got me started on Brent’s book when I was young and I have read them so many times that you’d think I would be bored by now, but I’m not.

Please recommend some books for me. Anything at all. I appreciate any input… THANKS!!!


4 thoughts on “>Book Recommendation?

  1. >Well, if you’re looking for non-fiction, I’d recommend: China’s Christian Millions by Tony Lambert. I’m reading it right now for my History of Missions class. Whoa.Fiction… well, that’s tougher… you can’t go wrong with the classics: Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas. Les Miserables by Hugo. Lord of the Flies by Golding.Let us know what you end up going with.

  2. >hey jenny there is a new book for women by the man that wrote wild at heart wrote with his wife i am going to start it up with some girl friends if you decide to let me know we can email about it. i cant remember the name of it it starts with a “C” though. love you! < allie

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