>New Roof

>It has been awhile since I last wrote… I was unexpectedly out of the office last Thursday and Friday because I got a new roof on my house. My landlord called at the last minute and said that the roofers would be at my house at 7am Thursday morning. I got up and got ready for work before realizing that there was no way I could leave my dogs in the house all day by themselves. I thought that they were both going to have heart attacks because of all the banging, scraping and yelling coming from our roof. One of the dogs actually threw up in the kitchen because she was so scared. By the end of Thursday, our old roof was gone and in it’s place was a hole in my ceiling. I could stand in my living room, look up and see the sky. I ended up staying home Friday as well so that I could let the roofers in to fix the ceiling. It was an eventful couple days. I was exhausted by the end of Friday and I was not even working. I had Saturday and Sunday off work as well so I had an unexpected 4 day weekend. What a blessing!


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