>Patience is a virtue and I don’t have it!

>I sent in my application to join the ministry at The Centre in Thailand on May 5th and my contact over there said that they would pray over my application and get back to me within two weeks. I have spent the last 11 days anxiously awaiting an email. I have not been sleeping well because my mind is spinning so fast that I can’t relax. I have been biting my nails which is completely abnormal for me. I have been distracted and just overall impatient. This past weekend was rough because I don’t have access to email outside of the office and I had no idea if they had emailed or not. Today I came into the office and there was no email which left me feeling bummed and even more anxious then before. Around lunch time I looked at my cell phone and realized that my ringer was off. I had two voicemails from my contact at The Centre. Surely they would only call all the way from Thailand if they want me to come join them, right? I can’t call them back but she said that she would try again tomorrow. So, now I am waiting again but it is even harder now because I am terrified that she is going to ask me to join them in Thailand. Can you imagine picking up your life and moving to Thailand? I am excited as well. Maybe I should go home right now and go to bed so that tomorrow will come faster. My stomach hurts…


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