>Carl’s Jr.

>My alarm went off this morning at 5am. I think that alarms should be programmed not to work before 7am, anything earlier is ungodly. I hit snooze 5 times before rolling out of bed at 5:30am. After rushing to get ready, I left the house at 6am so that I could be at Carl’s Jr. at 6:30am. This is the second day in a row that I have had to meet a group early in the morning. I understand that they want to get down to Mexico and start working but, 6:30am is TOO early. The first day of work on the house is the hardest day because the group has to pour the 11 X 22 foot cement slab. No power tools are allowed so it is a very long day of mixing cement by hand. I sometimes feel that groups should be required to come in the day before they plan on working, most groups do but is should be requirement. The group that came in this morning did not leave Carl’s Jr. until 7:30am which means that they will not get to camp before 8:30am and probably won’t get to the worksite before 9:30am. They are going to have to work really hard to finish their slab by 5pm.

On another note, I caved and broke my boycott of Carl’s Jr. this morning. I spend so much time there checking in groups but ever since they started airing that horrible, pornographic Paris Hilton commercial, I have not spent a dime there. Until this morning, that is. I was in desperate need of coffee so I caved and gave them $1.19 for coffee. I felt a bit guilty for supporting them but the need for coffee was too strong to resist. I am ashamed.


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