>Why I Love The People In My Life


In Thailand:

  • Because Rachel said that I sing better than Hilary Duff which was probably meant as a negative remark towards Hilary Duff but I took it as a great compliment towards my singing skills.
  • Because last night Opal practiced dance moves with me after we watched High School Musical and her hip roles were as bad as mine.
  • Because last night I had a very long and satisfying conversation with P’Max and Wor about Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Because Peaw makes me smile just by walking in the room and she does a great job cutting my hair.
  • Because when I call Run to tell her how much I miss her, she interrupts and tells me how much she misses me which makes me feel good to know that it is a two way thing.
  • Because I just have so much fun hanging out with Im and every moment that I spend with her I am reminded of why I am here.

In the U.S.:

  • Because Tamara is like a part of me that I am missing. She understands me and knows me like no one else. She also possesses so many qualities that I admire and lack, like creativity, wit and the ability to open locks with a bobby pin just like MacGuyver.
  • Because a minute spent talking to Katie is so refreshing that I just want to pack her up and take her everywhere with me. She also represents so many qualities that I wish I possessed.
  • Because my parents unfailingly call me every Sunday night and fill me in on their lives. They are such examples of who I want to be.
  • Because my nephews bring me joy unexplainable in words.
  • Because no matter how long I go without talking to Justin and David, when we do talk it feels like only hours since our last conversation.
  • Because the first time I hung out with Jenn in 1995, I threw up all over the hallway (barely missing her) and then all over the bushes outside Bank of America and yet she is still my friend today.

2 thoughts on “>Why I Love The People In My Life

  1. >Oh my dear Jenni! I love pizza…but mostly you…In actuality I am bursting with excitment at the thought that two will be one again in a few weeks even if it only is 10 days. If you could see me right now I would be doing some horrid version of the running man saying in a David Spade voice “uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh”You get the picture.I love you and miss you to the end of the never ending song and back.

  2. >Hi Jenn!everytime you mention Tamara I remeber you guys way back then and smile.you sound good and that makes me smile too.pop over to my circus and say hi sometime.adventuresinjuggling.blogspot.com

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