> This is Gracie, my new puppy. She is a two month old minature poodle and only weighs 1.5 pounds. She is adorable and completely attached to me which of course makes me happy. Today I took her to the vet to get rid of her worms and next week she is having her vaccinations. I cannot leave her alone for long so she goes with me everywhere. I love her but she makes me miss Sammy and Suki so much more! Tam, I have not replaced Sammy and Suki, I have just adopted them a cousin!!!


4 thoughts on “>Gracie

  1. >I am a little disappointed you didn’t ever call and tell me what kind of dog you got. You just left it hanging “I am getting a dog” What is that?! “I am getting a dog”? its like saying “I had a sixth toe implanted.” Not something you can just throw out there and not follow up on…Gracie is cute though…definetly not an additional toe.

  2. >hi jenthis is ginger wendy’s in the shower and left her computer on, so i thought i’d drop you a note.i see you missed me so much that you had to get gracie. i understand. i want wendy to get me a puppy too because frankly, she’s old and boring.i think about you a lot, especially when tamara comes over. she brought sam and suki a couple of weeks ago. we had fun, but i felt shy for some reason. i know that gracie will love you like i love wendy. its good to have a human to love; gracie is lucky that way. tell her my favorite spot is curled up behind the knees with my head on the feet. its warm, safe and no one rolls over on you. do you have fleas in thailand? we do and they suck. do you need a dog carrier? i have an extra one that i can send with tam. Its pink and looks like a handbag but plush. well, we all miss you…love you,ginger

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