>Sometimes I feel like a bouncing ball…

>Sometimes living in another country is so hard that I just want to pack my stuff, buy a plane ticket and go home. And sometimes it is so easy that I can picture myself still living here when I am eighty years old. There is also a middle area where I am content and yet miss my friends and family. I wish that I spent more time in that middle area but I tend to bounce back and forth between the hard and easy stages instead. I wonder if it is always like this when someone lives overseas or if it will even out eventually. Any thoughts?

By the way, right now I am in the middle area where I am content and yet missing you all. Rachel commented today that I seem like I am doing well lately. I thought about it and realized that this is the longest that I have been content and happy since I moved here in January. That thought made me smile. Maybe it does get easier…


4 thoughts on “>Sometimes I feel like a bouncing ball…

  1. >I am glad you are settling in. I just don’t want you to get too comfortable and never come home. I am counting on being known as the “sisters” and growing old together in a victorian style house somewhere in the greater bay area.

  2. >I have to put in my 2 cents. you aren’t allowed to go home until we get to spend some quality time with you in CM like we planned before we abandoned you a week before you arrived. This isn’t a 2 way street. You have no abandonment rigths.Okay, with that settled, I’ve gotta say that I think that bouncing between contentment and the desire to return home is normal. And I am so impressed and proud of you because you aren’t just dealing with the normal homesickness and cultural shock and adustments. Jen, you have been through so much more than anyone can fathome this year. It does get easier eventually. Actually, some things will get easier. Some things may get harder. But you have the power within you (through Jesus) to endure all things. I love you, sis.

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