>Sometimes I ask God for things like patience and boldness and peace just because it sounds good and not because I really feel in my heart that He will give those things to me. I know, I am a horrible person! 🙂

On Friday morning I asked God for boldness and the request came directly from my heart. I really wanted to share about God with my 5pm class and I was nervous about it. So I asked Him for boldness and I had an amazing day!

Before my classes started, Noon came in. She is a new Christian and has been doubting God love lately. I did not know that but I did know that God has been putting her on my heart a lot lately so I told her that I have been praying for her. She was so happy that she was in tears and I was able to spend some more time in prayer for her.

I have been teaching my 5pm class about people who have changed the world in big and small ways, some Christians and some not. On Friday we talked about C. S. Lewis. The story brought up the subject of communion which they did not know about. I was able to talk with them about Jesus and what He has done for us and why we take communion.

My 6pm class is just three girls. Two of them attend bible study and church occasionally and the third has had no interest in Christianity. The third, Boom was the only one to show up for class Friday. Somehow I ended sharing my whole testimony with her and spent over an hour talking about God’s love for us. She was very interested and asked lots of questions, it was amazing.

After class I went downstairs and saw Peaw who has been a Christian for about six months. She told me that she had just found out her job was sending her to Bangkok for three months and she was leaving the next day. I asked her if I could spend some time praying with her and by the end we were both in tears.

Friday night Tay and Aom (my two students who did not show up for my 6pm class) came over and spent the night with Rachel and I. We were able to spend some time in prayer with them, praying specifically for their needs that they shared.

Overall, I had an amazing day and when I got to the end of it, I could not help but thank God for filling me with boldness. I should definitely be asking God for help more often because I know that He will provide it!


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