>Thieves and their gasoline

>Two days ago I filled up the gas tank on my motorbike which will usually last me one to two weeks. This morning I got on my bike to go to bible study and it would not start. After several tries I noticed that the gas gauge was on empty. I sat there confused, trying to figure out how I could already be on empty, but could not figure it out. So Rachel got on our old bike, started it up and gas started squirting out on her leg. At this point I figured out what had happened and checked the gas lines. The old bike’s gas line had been unscrewed and the gas stolen. My new bike’s line had actually been cut and the gas stolen. Very annoying! I had to take it in and have a new gas line installed. The most annoying thing is that somebody actually had the nerve to open the gate and go inside to steal the gas. What is going to stop them from doing it again? Nothing.

What a frustrating start to my day!

God bless Wor though for letting Rachel and I borrow her motorbike to get to bible study!


3 thoughts on “>Thieves and their gasoline

  1. >What if you wiped dog poo or some other equally disgusting item on the gas lines? Hmmm?OR you could take the lines somewhere and have them encased in titanium.OR…put an alarm on your gate, like those ones you can get for hotel rooms, and when it goes off you can use a squirt gun full of gas to shoot flaming streams at them.OR…oh I am just getting meaner. I best stop.

  2. >Jen, this is really common – and annoying. I recommend you guys buy a lock for your gate and lock it when you are not home, and at night. When you are at home, put your bikes in a place where you can see them, or that is awkward for a theif to get to. Put the lock on the INSIDE of the gate – that’s what we always do. The other thing you can do is have a Thai friend tell the neighbours, “Hey, someones been stealing our gas. Isn’t that horrible. Has it happened to you?” And, if it’s a neighbour that’s doing it, you might just be able to shame them into stopping!! 😉 If it keeps happening, call the cops, and have one of the Thai staff at the Centre help you with translation. The presence of police may scare the theif away. Sean’s family used to have their gas stolen from their truck – by their gardener!! Sean’s dad caught him red handed one night, and fired him.

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