>There is no place like home

>Where is my home? I am having trouble figuring that out right now. Is it Chiang Mai or San Diego or San Jose or is it with my parents when they move to Missouri?

November 1st started the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek which is a flower garden park thing. It is huge and is in honor of the King. I am excited about this because 1) I love to take pictures of flowers 2) Chiang Mai has blossomed into a city of flowers, they are everywhere and they are beautiful 3) I am really fond of the King. I am not excited about this because 1) there is so much traffic everywhere 2) I went to the Night Bazaar area last night for what was supposed to be a quick errand and there was 1 zillion people there. I am not a fan of the Night Bazaar anyway but last night was horrible 3) I am allergic to all the beautiful flowers all over the city and I can’t stop sneezing.

I have been driving around Chiang Mai this week and realizing how much I will miss this city while I am gone for two months. I really love it here. I love the streets and I love the buildings and I love the flowers and I love the people. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to leave at all.

Last night I was buying a gift from a vendor at the Night Bazaar and I was bargaining with the guy in Thai. He was so happy that I knew my numbers in Thai and he asked me (in Thai) if I was a teacher. I replied (in Thai) that I was an English teacher and he was so happy. He started jumping up and down and thanking me over and over again for teaching English. This exact scenario is not a common occurrence but it is an example of why I love Thailand and the people here so much. Oh, and he gave me a great deal on my gift!

I love my friends Im, Keng and P’Na so much! I hate the thought that I won’t see them for two months. On Monday I was telling them what I did over the weekend which consisted of me practically living at church. Im looked at me and said “Jen, I think that you are such a good Christian and I am such a bad Buddhist.” Wow, what a great conversation opener about Christianity and why I want to be a good Christian! I will pray for them every day while I am gone.

I leave Thailand on November 18th for America. I will spend two weeks in San Jose and I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends there. I get to spend Thanksgiving with my grandma which makes me happier than I could express in this blog.

I will then go down to San Diego for two days and hang out with Tamara, Katie, Suki and Sammy and then on to Webb City Missouri for one month. I am really happy to spend Christmas with family and excited about a chance to relax there.

I then fly back to San Diego for two weeks and get to spend time with all my friends there. I also hope to make it into Mexico at some point. Then I will fly back up to San Jose and leave on January 13th from San Francisco to come back to Chiang Mai.

I guess that I am at a point in my life where home is just wherever God takes me. I would like to think of all these places as home though. I guess that just means that I am home wherever I go. Praise God for that!


2 thoughts on “>There is no place like home

  1. >There’s a place called Jerusalem Falafel near Tha Phae Gate, on the inside of the mote. That’s the only place I know of in CM. Also, you can find Jerusalem Falafel fixings at Tops and Rimping Stores in the fridge sections, so you can make them at home. We are gonna miss you. Have fun in the States.

  2. >Your post made me smile! I think you are finding out so much about yourself since being in Thailand. I remember your early struggles, now having read this post I think you a happy Jen with so much to give as you have grown. Im is fortunate to have a friend like you. Enjoy your time “home” in San Jose, your time “home” in San Diego, your time “home” in Webb City and when you get back “home” to Chiang Mai in January you will be refreshed and ready for another years worth of adventure! You are an awesome woman of God.

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