>Bad Jen

>I have found myself getting really annoyed with people lately. This morning I was running around trying to figure out something for someone who easily could have done it a week ago and instead waited until the last minute and had me do it instead. A few days ago I was so frustrated with my scuba diving instructor that when he made a rude, sarcastic comment to me, I responded with an even ruder, more sarcastic comment. A few days before that I was so annoyed with cleaning up a mess caused by someone else that directly affected me instead of them and I told a friend all about how frustrated I was, in some not so nice terms. Usually I am really good about turning the other cheek when needed or having just the right amount of patience. I’m not sure what is going on with me, but I don’t like this Jen. Maybe it is just the stress of going home, I hope so anyway.

By the way, I leave tomorrow morning for the states…


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