>Question of the Day

>Tamara started this question of the day blog and I am now going to try and answer the question.

“If a movie were made about you and your life or at least a portion of your life what songs would be in the soundtrack? List five…”

*By the way, this is really hard for me because I really love music but tend to love the not so popular stuff.”

1. Sisters by Betty and Rosemary Clooney because as Tamara hinted at in her blog, this is our song and we do a pretty darn good version of it ourselves!
2. Designer Genes because my sisters and I were forced to sing that in church and at social gatherings our entire growing up years (even in high school) until we grew to hate the song. I also had a mortifying moment at a concert when the woman who sang the song called me up onstage and made me sing it with her… I don’t mind the song now, it makes me smile with memories.
3. Stay by Lisa Loeb because Tam, Krissy and I had a tape that played the song over and over and in high school we used to drive around with the windows down singing it at the top of our lungs. I still sing it at the top of my lungs and I wish I knew where that tape went.
4. As The Deer (the worship song) because whenever I think of family, I remember how my family used to drive around in the car singing worship songs together and that is the first one that comes to mind in those memories.
5. Halloween from Rent because it represents my love for musicals and how I can lose myself in them and listen to the soundtracks over and over until I know every single word. Rent was the first musical that I memorized. The song Halloween is the start of my favorite part of the musical.


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