>back in the swing of things

>So I am now back in Chiang Mai and starting to get back into the swing of things. Two months was a really long time to be away and I missed out on a lot of things here that I am trying to catch up on now.

When I got back, my closet smelled really bad and upon cleaning it I found a decomposing mouse in my computer bag. That was unpleasant and I still have not completely gotten rid of the smell.

I got Gracie back and my worry that she would not remember me was completely dumb. She remembers me and doesn’t seem to hold it against me that I left her for two months. Her hair was so long that I couldn’t see her eyes or the ticks that were hiding in there. After digging a tick out of my stomach, I drove her to the groomer and had all her hair shaved off. That was also unpleasant.

On the other hand, it is great to be back at The Centre. When I got here, there was a team of 16 YWAMers helping out and that was a bit overwhelming, but still good to be back. I am starting my classes today and really looking forward to teaching again. I have missed my students and friends.

The internet has not been working. I am connecting right now by wireless and not on my regular computer and the connection has already gone out twice during the writing of this post so I should probably finish it up before it goes out again. I will post pictures of my trip home as soon as I get the internet working again.

Please pray for my friend Oil. Her dad passed away unexpectedly this past weekend. We are going to the funeral tonight. Please pray for her and her family, they do not know Jesus and I can’t imagine going through this without Him.


4 thoughts on “>back in the swing of things

  1. >Any chance that there was a package waiting for you when you got back to Thailand? Any chance that the mouse possibly died because of an overdose of the snacks and other goodies that were in that same package while it sat there for two months? That’s what I get for not keeping up with your busy life and sending you a package that arrived while you were away!On another note…one of the college gals from our group here is getting ready to spend two years in Thailand with YWAM. Is it possible that she’s coming to the same Centre that you’re at? Is there more than one? Her name is Katie and I hadn’t made the connection until I saw your YWAM reference…what a small world we live in.

  2. >Oh no!!! Not ticks!!! I forgot that Thai’s will not bath dogs in the cold season, cause they don’t want them getting sick! Oh, and Kate, ticks and mice can be found anywhere. Even in your nice clean American house! He He… I just like to tease. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on. Thailand is awesome!!

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