>Praising God is cool!

>This morning I was running the sound board at church. I have gotten comfortable enough with the process that I am able to really worship God and still pay attention to the sound system. I was standing there singing with my eyes closed and my hands lifted when suddenly I noticed that it had gotten extremely loud in the Sanctuary. I opened my eyes, put my hands down and looked at the sound board to figure out what had happened when I suddenly realized that the loudness was not coming from the sound system at all. It was coming from the people in the church. They were singing and worshiping so loudly that the walls were shaking. It was very cool! I closed my eyes, put my hands up and joined in.

“How great is our God.
Sing with me, how great is our God.
And all will see, how great, how great is our God!”


One thought on “>Praising God is cool!

  1. >Hey Jenn!!It’s good to hear from you! I miss Chiang Mai something fierce! I really want to be there again.You are a great writer, I enjoy your style and honesty. Keep writing!

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