>Who Me? A teacher? Impossible!

>For pretty much my whole life I have wanted to be a teacher of the bible. I used to sit in church as a child and wish with all my heart that when I grew up I could teach the bible like my dad did. He would stand up there on stage preaching and every face would be turned towards him, every ear listening to what he said, every heart taking in the truths of his words. It amazed me and it was a gift that I wanted. But as I got older it became clear that it was not a gift I naturally possessed. When I stood on stage my knees started to shake and my heart would race. Nobody listened to what I had to say because my mouth would glue itself closed and I couldn’t get any words out. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that I was not going to be a preacher and I learned to love being behind the scenes. But I have to admit that deep in my heart I never stopped yearning to be able to teach the bible in a real way. Recently God spoke to me and told me that one day he would give me the gift of teaching. I kind of laughed it off and tucked the words away inside knowing that I could never be a teacher of the bible. Well, laughing off God’s words is never really a good idea. He doesn’t give up that easily. And now over and over again, he has been affirming his words. I spoke to the students a couple weeks ago at a party and I wasn’t overcome by nervousness like I normally am. I have been learning amazing things while reading my bible and sharing them with people at church or The Centre or my small group. At times I am overcome by the need to share what God is teaching me and when I do, I am teaching others. It is so cool when I share something from the bible with someone and the next day or the next week they come back and tell me that they were touched by my words and are still thinking about them. God is going to make me a teacher one day and I am excited! Pray for me.


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