>Recurring Movies

>My new favorite movie is Arthur and the Invisibles, I watched it once yesterday and once today. I am thinking about watching it again tomorrow. Will I ever grow up? If you haven’t seen it and you like adventurous kids movies, you should definitely see it. Again, will I ever grow up?

It hasn’t quite beat out Life as a House which I have seen one million times and love with all my heart but it was quite good.

Do you have a movie or movies that you watch over and over and never get tired of?


3 thoughts on “>Recurring Movies

  1. >First of all, I have to say: Don’t grow up! It’s overrated.Okay, now that I have that off my chest. I love Princess Bride and never get sick of it. Even read the book a couple of times.

  2. >My response to your response to my comment…So that’s where my copy of Princess Bride went… just jokes, I hadn’t even noticed it was gone.oh, can I have disk 4 of Gilmore Girls back?? Sean let you kidnap it before I had finished with it.

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