>Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

>So I am chatting with Tamara online and I tell her that I need to warn her about the gigantic mice living in my walls. You see, they are really loud sometimes and they sound like somebody is rummaging through the next room. I felt the need to warn Tamara because she is going to be staying with me in three weeks and I don’t want her to think that there is an intruder in the house. I already warned her about the mosquito infestation in the bathroom and she knows about the geckos, lizards and enormous spiders in the house. I just want her to be prepared when she gets here. She hasn’t exactly been happy about these things but they haven’t freaked her out either.

So I say, “Oh, did I tell you about the toad in the kitchen?” Tamara’s response was, “WHAT? I do not do toads!!” I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Of all things, it is toads that she can’t handle?

Recently I came home late at night and there were no lights on so it was pitch black in my house. For some reason I passed through the living room without turning on any lights and walked towards the kitchen. As soon as I stepped into the kitchen, something slimy landed on my foot. I am proud to say that I didn’t freak out, I calmly reached over and turned on the kitchen light without moving my foot. I looked down and saw a toad as big as the palm of my hand sitting on my foot. I kicked it off, caught it and put it outside.

Just one more adventure here in Thailand.


7 thoughts on “>Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

  1. >Hope you and Tamera enjoy your time together. You’re such a brave women. I freak out over spiders in the bathtub. I don’t think I could handle a toad landing on me in the dark!

  2. >Hey, I had a moth land on the picnic table near me yesterday! Your bug/varmint/slimy stories always leave me smiling.Tam~I am so jealous of you getting to go see Jen, but so totally NOT jealous of your upcoming bug/varmint/slimy adventures

  3. >Jen do you actually live indoors?!? Or do you live in some sort of Magic Kingdom. The Mice In The Walls, The Mosquito Infestiation, The Toad Greeter. This sounds like chapters from the Limony Snicket series.

  4. >Very cool! You know, I think that some of the snakes in our yard need to migrate over to your place to get a good meal. LOL. We have rats in the roof. Most annoying when they play in the middle of the night. The snakes are shirking their rat eating responsibilities!

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