>I wasn’t exxagerating about the toad

>In follow up to my story a few days ago about the toad in my house, here is a picture of a toad on my front step a few minutes ago. It is huge, I wasn’t exaggerating about the size!


4 thoughts on “>I wasn’t exxagerating about the toad

  1. >OMG. I’m physically afraid just looking at it. and i fear for that dog. i would pay locals to make sure things like this was not in my home when i arrived in the evenings. i think it’s called a house boy.

  2. >hmmm, I’ll have to look into one of those “house boy” things, might make my life more interesting. Thanks for the suggestion Shawn! 🙂 And Gracie (my dog) is fine about the toads, the only she runs from are the snakes.

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