>Hope is a powerful thing.

Have you ever noticed how much it affects your day? If I wake up in the morning feeling hopeful about my day, then no matter what happens, the day will turn out pretty good. If I wake up in the morning feeling hopeless, the whole days goes downhill from there.

I have been dealing with some depression this year and it has gotten worse over the past few months. (Admitting that on this blog is really hard for me to do.) My depression has affected my sleep pattern and has caused me to have a recurring nightmare. Some nights I fight even going to sleep and force myself to stay awake because I don’t want to have the dream. The problem with this dream is that I wake up from it feeling completely hopeless about life in general. I have no desire to enter my day because every part of me knows that nothing good could come out of the day after having that dream. I have no hope.

I have been seeing a counselor for a couple months now and it has really helped to talk through things with her. One of the results of having someone to talk to is that I haven’t had my nightmare in a few weeks. I have been falling asleep at night and not waking up until the morning. When I wake up, I have hope that the day ahead of me could be amazing. There are endless possibilities ahead of me simply because I have hope.

Hope is a powerful thing.

*This is actually my post from yesterday that for some reason I was not able to post. I haven’t failed at blogging everyday, I haven’t!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “>Hope

  1. >You are so strong and this post just proved it anyone who doubted it! You are a superwoman to face this stuff and a hero to admit it!!!!I hate the dreams. I have nightmares too – sometimes three in a row on the same theme but with different characters and situations. They tell me its a side affect of the anti-depressants. I think its my brain working out my worst fears while I sleep. Love you.

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