>Random Thoughts At The End Of The Day

>I don’t have one specific thing on my mind right now but I know that I if I don’t post something today, I will hear about it from Tamara and Katie. I was told that I was not allowed to fail at this NaBloPoMo thing which means that I have to post every single day, even if I don’t know what to write about.

I feel sorry for those of you that read this. Really I do. I am sorry. 🙂

These are my random thoughts at the end of the day:

1) My friend Machelle has introduced me to a 10pm bed time and I am starting to think that she may be the one of the smartest people on the planet. Gracie and I have been spending the night at her place a lot and we have been going to bed when she goes to bed. I wake up so much more refreshed when I go to bed at 10pm instead of my regular 2am bed time. I am going to try to apply this to my life on a more regular basis. Of course, it is already after 10pm now so I will start tomorrow.

2) Speaking of Machelle, I am thinking of moving in with her. There are many pros and cons to the move and I am not sure which list is longer. Machelle is my closest friend here and the person that keeps me sane when I feel like the chaos of my life is overtaking me. She has a wonderful house with air conditioning, a western style kitchen and hot water that runs through the pipes. Those are three precious things that my house does not have. She has two wonderful dogs whom I love and whom my dog Gracie gets along with splendidly. There are so many other great things about living there and I don’t want to bore you. The downside is that the rent is more expensive than my house. If Machelle and I lived there together, I would be paying less. But, Machelle has applied for a job that may have her moving out of the country next April or May. If she leaves, I would be stuck with the rent by myself and I don’t know if that is a smart move. Also, her house is a lot farther from The Centre than where I live right now. It takes me about 25 minutes on my bike to make the commute. That may not sound like a long time but it is a long time on a motor bike. The biggest draw to this move is that I would no longer be living by myself.

3) My poor dog has had a heck of a week. Last Tuesday I took her in to get spayed and then spent the whole week carrying her around and making many trips to the vet. Everything got infected and she couldn’t walk and she wouldn’t eat. It was not fun. Finally on Monday she perked up, started eating and started running and playing again. Yesterday I took her to the vet to get her stitches out and to get a set of vaccinations. Today she has slept all day long and is so sore from the vaccinations that she can’t run or jump. Once again, I am carrying my dog everywhere. It is very sad.

4) I leave for America in 13 days.

5)I think way too much and I drive myself crazy. I wish there was a switch where I could turn my thoughts off when they get out of control. I think that sometimes I do more damage than help by thinking too much.

6) I love to read. I just finished another book this morning and I am very excited to start a new one. The other day I was reading and Machelle asked me how many books I am in the middle of. I answered truthfully that I am in the middle of four books. She said I was crazy for reading more than one book at a time. I thought that I was normal. Am I?

7) On that note, I am going to go read until I fall asleep. Actually, I have never fallen asleep while reading. When I read, I get so into the story that there is no way my mind can relax and sleep. What I am really going to do is go read until I find myself at a good stopping place, at which point I will put the book down and go to sleep.



2 thoughts on “>Random Thoughts At The End Of The Day

  1. >When I’m not in school, I am constantly switching back and forth between books. Except when a new Harry Potter has come out… So you’re normal on that front. 🙂

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