>My internet connection is really bad and I probably only have a couple minutes until I lose it but I wanted to post something in the couple minutes I have.

I’ve been watching CSI:Miami and I just started the 3rd season. I can’t believe that Tim Speedle just died! Poor Speed, my heart is broken.

Why is it that I get so attached to characters in tv shows and books? When one of them dies, it seriously affects me. Weird.

Okay, I better post this before I lose my connection. Oh, and I am going to San Diego in five days. 🙂


One thought on “>Speed

  1. >So weird that you posted this right now, because I had the SAME thought last night. I was watching Criminal Minds last night and they had their chubby character get shot (presumably dead) by her date (first date). I gasped out loud so loud Ginger jumped up to see what’s wrong.

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