>Jet Lag

>I hate to skimp out on this whole blogging thing again but you are not getting much from me tonight.

I arrived in California last night after being awake for more than fifty hours. I was exhausted and hungry and happy to be at my destination. My cousin Wendy and her husband Joe picked me up and took me to dinner at Chilis. Afterwards we went back to their house and I had my first hot shower in 11 months. It was great! Afterwards I though about going to bed but at midnight my body told me that it was 3pm and woke up. So, I played Xbox with Wendy until 4am at which point I forced myself to go to bed. I was only able to sleep for a couple hours and now it is Wednesday night and I am utterly exhausted. I don’t know how I am functioning at this point but I know that I am not doing it well. The culture shock has kicked in and I have already been overwhelmed several times. But I am happy.

On that note, goodnight.


One thought on “>Jet Lag

  1. >Oh you poor thing! Jet lag isn’t a very fun thing. I don’t know how my grandma does it… she comes back to the states every year at tax time.Well, I hope you’re getting lots of rest and will have a wonderful Thanksgiving with many loved ones!Hugs,Crystal

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