>Culture Shock

>A couple things that are bothering me:

Why does one feel the need to stand on a street corner almost naked unless they are a prostitute? I don’t get it. It is winter and freezing outside and yet there is a group of teenage girls standing on the corner in what they consider to be shirts and I consider to be bras. They are screaming about how cold it is and I just want to go tell them that usually putting more on clothes makes one warmer. I realize that living in Thailand has made me more conservative, but I think that even two years ago this would have confused me.

I went to a restaurant on Wednesday with my cousins and there was a woman in there with her daughter who looked to be about 7 years old. She was yelling at the hostess that five minutes was too long to wait for a table for six. The hostess was working hard trying to sit other groups of two or three but couldn’t do her job because this lady was yelling at her. And the whole time the daughter was standing looking just as angry as her mother. What kind of example is that? I had been in the country for less than 24 hours and I already had the urge to go back to Thailand where people don’t yell at each other, especially for stupid reasons. I don’t understand what they think it accomplishes.

Today I stayed inside all day trying to escape the culture shock, but eventually I am going to have to go outside. Why do we live in such a sad world?


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