>Everything is Different

>Everything here in America is different. Not just some things but everything.

When I stand in a crowd of people, I can understand everything that is being said around me. It is exhausting and sometimes disturbing. People use A LOT of bad language here. I never noticed it before, probably because I was so used to it, but now I notice it.

Drivers are very rude and only seem to care about themselves. There is no slowing down so others can pass or waving thanks to someone as you go by. People here use their horns to be rude (and often throw in the middle finger for added affect) instead of using their horns to warn that they are passing. There is so much anger.

Teenagers are living in a completely different world than I remember living in when I was a teenager. I feel sorry for them.

Today I went to the movies and kept expecting the King’s Anthem to play before the movie started but it never did. I love that in Thailand!

It is taking a while for me to adjust and I have these moments where I am filled with anxiety and I want to go home and hide. I have spent the past year missing Target but I haven’t gone yet because I know that it will be a shock with all the people and all the choices and high prices. Maybe I will try it tomorrow and just get it over with.

Part of this process is driving me crazy but another part is kind of cool. How often do we come face to face with so much proof that we have changed? I find it fascinating and hard at the same time.


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