>I have been a part of the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which means that I have posted something on my blog every single day during the month of November. At first, I had a lot to write and it was fun but now I am tired and can’t think of anything to write. So, you get to hear me complain about not having much to write and I am so sorry.

I have now been in the states for almost a week and I am enjoying my time here. I have had a really hard time sleeping because of the time difference and I am exhausted. Every night I fall asleep pretty quickly and then by 2am (5pm in Thailand) I am wide awake. It is very annoying! On top of that, my body is in protest over the climate change. I went from hot and humid to cold and very dry. I have a head cold and I think a sinus infection as well. It is not fun but luckily I am on vacation so I can rest a lot.

Tonight Tamara and I went to Target. I have been building myself up for a Target visit since I arrived and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I was shocked at the prices of everything, which is funny because I used to think that Target was so cheap. I discovered that I am now a much more selective shopper and all I ended up with was Nyquil (the generic brand) and Sudafed (also generic brand). The best part of the whole trip though was when Tam and I were in the medicine aisle and Tamara says, “What is that smell? It smells strongly of poop right here. I have to get out of here.” Then she ran out of the aisle. My nose is so stuffed up that I couldn’t smell it but apparently it was strong enough to send her running. I stood there laughing to myself and probably looking quite funny to those around me. It was one of those moments that seems unimportant and yet I will store it away in my memory to laugh about six months from now when I am missing Tamara.

I love my sister!


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