>Tamara and Kim are addicted to reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 and since I am staying in their house, I have been watching them too. Right now they are in the year after graduating from college and they are all struggling to find love and jobs. The first couple episodes I just sat and laughed at the ridiculousness of the show. The next couple episodes I made fun of how stupid and overly dramatic the show is. And now I am totally loving it! I hate to admit it but this show is addictive. They are all so dramatic and it is great fun! Poor Kelly has the worst life, everything that could go wrong, goes wrong in her life. Valerie is a horrible person and yet Kim loves her. Steve is a really big dork and is given the worst lines. David and Donna are exactly the same characters that they were when I used to watch the high school episodes in the early 90’s. Brandon is like a little puppy dog running around trying to make everyone else happy. On a good note, Hilary Swank just entered the show and she is a breath of fresh air amongst the cheesiness of the show.

This is my life now: A lot of sleeping interrupted by episodes of 90210. Welcome to my vacation.


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