>Not Quite Myself

>I haven’t really been feeling myself since I was in America. While I was there I ate way too much fattening American food and it has left me feeling rather sluggish all the time. I am usually pretty comfortable in my skin even though I don’t fit into the world’s standard of what comfortable should be. But right now I am not comfortable. So, I have decided that I need to start a regular exercise program to get myself feeling better again. This is a lot easier said than done for many reasons. The weather is the biggest hindrance. It is hot here, all the time. The only time it is not blazing hot is in the wee hours of the morning and there is no way that I am exercising at 3am. True, I could pay money for a gym that is air-conditioned but my finances are low and there are no gyms close enough to my house that I would actually go to. So, I decided to pick the coolest part of my waking hours and make a commitment. This means that when I get home at night at 10pm, I am exercising. Luckily I just moved into a safe, gated community and if I jog around the perimeter of the neighborhood, it is about the same as running a lap on a track. Unfortunately, even though I am now in a safe neighborhood, I don’t feel great jogging by myself at 10pm. I have solved this problem by bringing my two dogs along. They love it and it is good exercise for them as well.

So, here’s to my new exercise commitment. Hopefully before long, I will feel comfortable in my own skin again.


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