>You Know It’s Hot When


  1. you take three showers a day so that you can handle your own smell
  2. you start sweating as soon as you turn the cold shower off
  3. in order to get dressed without your clothes sticking to you, you stand directly in front of the fan when dressing
  4. you change your clothes three times a day
  5. you leave butt prints on chairs
  6. you stick to vinyl furniture
  7. you never raise your arms because you know you have armpit sweat marks
  8. you don’t bother too much with make-up because you sweat it all off by noon anyway
  9. you are dripping and panting after climbing five stairs
  10. the sun dries your laundry in five minutes
  11. plastic bags melt to your car when driving home from the market
  12. you plan your weekends around what restaurants and shopping centers are air conditioned
  13. you watch movies in a foreign language that you cannot understand just because you can rest in the air conditioned theater
  14. you can sometimes be found with your head stuck in the freezer
  15. you dream about shaving your head four nights in a row

2 thoughts on “>You Know It’s Hot When

  1. >No. shaving. of. the. head.My mom lived in Phoenix one summer in the 1930’s. She said they would buy blocks of ice and put it in front of the fan to cool the air as it blew on them. I feel your pain, but I don’t think I could do the humidity. When is it winter? That’s when I want to come visit you.

  2. >Yeah, I’m not looking forward to another summer without AC. I’d add to the list driving nowhere just because the vehicles have AC! That’s been true for us. Last summer when it was staying over 100 and cooling down to just below 90 at night we were wasting a lot of gas and even took the cats with us a couple times because they were panting so bad from the heat. It normally freaks them out to be in the car, but it perked them right up!Stay hydrated. Is there any chance you can get one of those single room AC’s at least? I don’t know if you can.I just hate heat, can you tell? I’d much prefer the snow over days where the temp gets above 75!

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