>Quote of the Day

>Tonight Sharon and I went to a vocal recital at Payap University. We were sitting in the middle of the auditorium during the intermission when the following happened:

me, out loud while pointing to a guy sitting only two seats away: “His body is the one I want”

Sharon: “What! What do you mean?”

me: “his body” followed by much laughter, “his body” followed by more laughter

Sharon: “What?”

me: uncontrollable laughter with tears

Sharon: “Jen! What are you saying about that guy’s body?”

Unfortunately I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t explain myself and a couple minutes later the recital started back up again.

Fourty-five minutes later, when we were driving home, I was able to explain that the guy two seats down had a really nice camera with several different lenses. I was simply admiring the body of his camera.

Sharon: “And I kept looking at his body trying to figure it out.”

Oh the things I say…


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