>The Problem With Sleeping

>Every night before I go to bed, I spend between 15 and 30 minutes trying to kill all the mosquitoes in my bedroom so they won’t eat me while I am asleep. After I finish killing them with my electric racket, I spend several minutes sweeping up all their dead bodies off the floor. Usually I kill at least 25 during this time.

Every morning I wake up with at least 5 new mosquito bites.

I hate mosquitoes.

Last night when I went to bed, it was 93 degrees in my bedroom.

Sleeping is a problem.


3 thoughts on “>The Problem With Sleeping

  1. >Ugh, and this is where my physical wimpy-ness prevents me from doing missionary work.I hate skitters too, and they LOVE me! No one else could get bit while camping, and I’ll come home looking like I have chicken-pox!

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