>Can I Store My Intestines In Your Fridge?

>Today I was walking through the day market when I slipped on some fish guts and managed to catch myself before falling, but not before splashing in a puddle of pig blood.

I looked down at my feet which were immersed in about an inch of blood and thanked God that I was wearing shorts and flip flops because the clean up would be easy.

I also thanked God that I didn’t drop my bags of shopping and at this point, I started to laugh. The following is a list of items in the bags I was carrying.

  1. 3 bags of fried crickets
  2. 1 bag of fresh maggots
  3. 1 freshly cut chicken head
  4. 1 pig stomach
  5. 1 bag of pig intestines
  6. 1 bag of pig lungs and other various parts
  7. 1 bag of pig skin
  8. 1 live catfish

I laughed as I stepped out of the puddle of blood and said out loud, “I love my life.” And I wasn’t being sarcastic. When I am old and gray and my mind is going, I hope that I still remember this time of my life because I live an adventure!

After leaving the market I drove to Sharon’s house for our weekly prayer time. Upon arriving at her house, I realized that I didn’t plan well and there was no way I could leave the bags of awfulness sitting in my car in 100 degree weather. So I knocked on her door and when she opened it I said, “Can I store my intestines in your fridge?”

Oh, the life I live…


4 thoughts on “>Can I Store My Intestines In Your Fridge?

  1. >Isn’t it normal to carry around such items, Al? 🙂 Youth camp starts tomorrow and there will be much eating of bugs, apple bobbing in intestines and many more gross things! I will definitely post the good pictures when I get back!!You know you wish you could be here, Tam!

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