>A Glimpse Of Youth Camp

>The Ups:

  • covering the youth in spoiled milk and making them eat crickets dipped in honey as an initiation before they could enter camp.
  • playing Fear Factor with the youth and making them do the following:
    • bob for fruit in a bucket full of pig intestines, skin, stomach and other various parts
    • run around camp with large maggots in their mouths over and over again
    • weave a dead fish and a chicken head through their clothes by going in one sleeve and out the other
  • making the youth jump in the lake any time they heard the phrase, “You’re all a bunch of big girls’ blouses!” The best times were:
    • in the middle of the preaching during the first evening session
    • at 5am on the first night and again at 6am
    • during meals
    • at 3am on the 2nd night
    • anytime the leaders needed to talk without any youth around
  • awesome worship led by the youth.
  • learning a new way to communicate with God.
  • being inducted as an official member of The Crew. The other members are Laura, Zac and Marcus (14, 15 and 19 years old).
  • being told by The Crew many times that I am super cool and they love me. It was a huge ego boost!
  • feeling a renewed purpose in my life.
  • taking 100’s of photos, some of which you can view here.
  • being given the nickname “Dr. Evil” because I came up with all the good and disgusting games.
  • watching the youth cling wrap each other and transport across the lake and back.

The Downs:

  • watching the youth cling wrap each other and transport across the lake and back. It totally freaked me out and prayed the whole time that nobody would die.
  • getting a total of three hours of sleep in three nights and then having to drive the long way home.
  • watching one of the youth spray hot pink paint on my beloved camera and then trying to clean it all off.
  • falling down the stairs on the last day causing the following:
    • sprained foot
    • broken toe
    • pulled muscles from the splits that I did when one of my feet went through the banister while the other went down the stairs
    • various scrapes and many bruises
    • a blood red bruise the size of my hand on my upper leg, lower butt shaped like a stair (strangely similar to this)
  • being eaten alive by bugs of all kinds.

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