>Today I feel about 80. Yesterday I threw my back out and although I laid flat all day today and didn’t pick up anything heavy, I still can’t stand up straight. I walk hunched over and leaning to the right and stairs are pretty much out of the question. Don’t feel sorry for me, the injury was totally my fault. My pride got in the way and I decided that I could lift something way too heavy for me instead of asking for help. I should have known that I wasn’t coordinated enough. I’ve fallen down three flights of stairs in the past month and a couple weeks ago I fell out of a truck. Why is it that we never see pride until after the fact?

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday and this signifies a couple things in my life.

  • This is my last year in my twenties.
  • This is my third birthday celebrated while living in Thailand.
  • This is my seventh birthday celebrated since adopting the title of missionary and deciding to be poor forever.
  • This is the year that I will finally feel like a grown up and have control over my life (wishful thinking, I know).
  • This is the year that I will out-age my older sister.

Happy birthday to me, the rickety old woman who can’t walk straight.


3 thoughts on “>Rickety

  1. >So I guess I’ve never really thought about how I’m just 2.5 months younger then you. Hm. Now let me tell you something about feeling old. The back thing is one thing, but to deal with Mr. Arthur Itis is quite another. You’ll heal, this trial will pass.Hugs, and here’s hoping it’ll be a wonderful birthday without tons of pain.Crystal

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