>I have some thoughts on touch running through my mind. I realize that sounds funny but here goes.

There are certain types of touch that are shared between strangers. There are certain types of touch that are shared between acquaintances. The same goes for friends, good friends, best friends, dating couples and lovers. These are touches that are socially accepted and known to all. Am I right?

For example, you are sitting down talking to a friend and someone of the opposite sex comes up behind you and gently strokes your hair a few times before lightly resting their hand on your head and keeping it there while smiling down at you. In my opinion, this touch is a little too personal for strangers, acquaintances and friends. Am I just too conservative or am I right?

A good friend did this to me today. It is not someone that I am attracted to and yet it was a very comforting touch. I responded by smiling back and continuing to talk to my friend.

I’m not sure why I felt the need to write this all in a blog and I am sure that it feels a bit incomplete because I haven’t come to any conclusion, but that is all I have to say. 🙂


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  1. >I don’t know the culture in Thailand, but in Kenya I missed human touch. It was a handshaking only society. I’m not kidding, I’d make my best friends 6 year old daughter scratch my back just to meet this touching need. And once I went to Nairobi and got a massage and I almost started to cry because it felt so good to be touched in healthy ways. So maybe that is why you were comfortable with the hand on your head when you normally wouldn’t be. Safe touching is a very good thing. :)Dianewww.msdianedavis.blogspot.com(because i can’t seem to get the error code on my name fixed!)

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