>Melting Down

>I just got back from English Camp. I am exhausted.

I just read an email from the original owners of my dog Sammy saying they are coming to get him and taking him to Nepal next month. I don’t want to give him back, I love him.

I have five days left in Thailand. I have one bazillion things to do.

I’m freaking out. I am actually hyperventilating a little bit. I’m not ready to leave Thailand for such a long time.

I am so tired and I think I will go cry.

Don’t you just love my honesty? 🙂


2 thoughts on “>Melting Down

  1. >Oh how I wish I would have found your blog a long time ago you are so funny and refreshing. Will you keep your blog going? I would love to follow you in your adventure as a missionary, I always wanted to be one but never had the guts. Now I’m 45 with 5&6 year olds, so I pretty much won’t be traveling across the globe. I have decided that my mission field will be right here in my own backyard. I will pray for your safety and fruitfulness.

  2. >Breath my friend. The things that need to get done will get done, and the things that aren’t necessary will fall by the wayside.I do love and appreciate your honesty in your blogging. Not only is it refreshing to see someone so open and honest, but it lets me know what I need to pray for, for you.God will get you through this. Trust Him.Love,Crystal

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