>I Haven’t Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

>I haven’t blogged since I left Thailand and there are a few up you out there who keep poking me (or throwing things at my head) and asking me to blog. I’m sorry! I’ve been a bit busy…

I only have a couple minutes on here which is not enough time to fill you in on all the things I have done in the past month and a half so I thought I would take a minute and just let you know where I currently am. Right now I am in Fresno, CA at a place called Link Care. This is a place where missionaries come to debrief and receive counseling for any of their needs. At first I was a bit nervous about being here but now I have settled in and am happy to be here. For the past two weeks I have met daily with a counselor, twice a week with a pastoral counselor and a few times a week in group sessions with other missionaries here. It has been extremely hard and exhausting but really good at the same time. I have been able to talk about my sister’s and other traumas with a counselor who was once a missionary like me. It is also great to be around people who understand my feelings of not fitting in my home country anymore which is a daily struggle for me. I have two weeks left here and my hope is that I will leave a much stronger person than the one who got here two weeks ago. Please pray for me!

I promise that I will try to get back online soon to blog again. I love you all and I miss all of you in Thailand so much!!!


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