>Things that made me smile today:


  • Gracie and Sammy fighting over who gets to be closest to me
  • coffee with Opal
  • cha manow (iced Thai lemon tea)
  • the buffalo I drove by on the side of the road
  • driving from the right side of the car, on the left side of the street
  • listening to Brooke’s mixed cd in my truck and hearing it skip every few seconds
  • praying at The Centre
  • feeling missed
  • sweating A LOT
  • speaking tinglish (half Thai, half English)
  • feeling passionate, responsible, brave, mature
  • hearing someone say that they can see a difference in me
  • feeling comfortable, like I belong
  • making Aon and Ya laugh
  • waking up on my hard bed with a VERY achy back but realizing that it is MY bed
  • the beautiful, Thailand sky
  • my friends
  • letting God speak through me
  • noticing the hot guy on the side of the road and then blushing when I realized I knew him
  • Chiang Mai

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