>So, I turned the TV on tonight (something I haven’t done since getting back to CM) and The Amazing Race Southeast Asia was on. I just have to say that I don’t understand people’s ignorance sometimes. All these Americans are running around Cambodia saying “hola” to the nationals. What part of your brain makes you think the language in Cambodia is Spanish? I just don’t understand it.

It is probably not a good idea for me to watch this show again because it frustrated me for other reasons as well. The contestants were riding through the towns saying how sad the people’s lives were. They felt so bad for the nationals and how horrible their lives were. Just because someones life doesn’t look like yours, that doesn’t mean it is horrible or sad. Those Cambodians are probably happier with their lives than most of the contestants on the show.

Sorry but I just had to rant a little bit. Maybe it bothered me so much because they were in an area not far from where I live and I am used to what they found shocking. I struggle often with feeling embarrassed by the way westerners act when they visit Thailand. It bothers me when I see a westerner acting like they are better than the nationals or like they own the world. Several times I have actually overheard people complaining that Thai people don’t speak English. Hello! You are in Thailand, not America or Australia or whatever English speaking country you originated from.

I have to stop because I could keep complaining for a long time and instead I should probably go pray for my attitude to be better. Lord help me! 🙂


3 thoughts on “>Ignorance

  1. >Jen!! Preach is sister!! And don’t apologize. I have a love /hate relationship with Amazing Race, too. The stupidity and ignorance of the contestants is appalling. And don’t get me started on the tourists!!!! A recent nightmare experience is too fresh in my mind. I thought the reason one travels the world is to gain new experiences and perspective, not to impose one’s own culture and world view on the locals!

  2. >JEN! I didn’t even know you were back in Thailand. I’m glad to see you blogging again and have just spent some time catching up on your life. I’ll put you back on my link list so I can keep up more.Anyhoo… I watch the Amazing Race and have the same experience. I enjoy seeing different parts of the world but when people PITY those who live differently, I PITY their shallow spirit. It makes me so mad!!!BTW… Love the new blog layout too. :)Come say hi to me on my blog sometime… I have been writing too much about politics and I think it annoys some people, but I figure it’s my blog and I can write what I want. Right? Anyways, just wanted to say hello and to let you know you are back on my radar. :)Dianewww.msdianedavis.blogspot.com

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