>"Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister…"

>I just came across this on my sister, Tamara’s blog and it made me smile and laugh out loud so I had to repost it.

“Two Sisters

Two Memories:
Once Jenni and I were in opposite rooms of the apartment. Our TV was blaring and that stupid Six Flags commercial came on the TV. You know the one I am talking about. The one with the masked “old” man and the house music? So the music starts and I am overcome with this need to dance like an idiot, so why not dance into the living room? And I did only to find that Jenni was doing the exact same dance coming from the other side of the house. We both gave the “what are you doing?” look and then fell into fits of laughter.

Sheryl, Jenni and I went to Party City to buy some things for, well, for a party of course! While we were pursuing through the aisles I came across these awesome Harry Potter wands that light up. So naturally, as any Harry Potter fan would do, I picked up the wand and did my best wand wave saying “Alohamora!” Of course, since Jenni is almost me and I am almost her, standing on the other side of Sheryl, Jenni had found a wand too and was also doing her best “alohamora” wand wave out loud and at the same time. Poor Sheryl! I think she vowed never to go to Party City with us again.

Sometimes we are so alike it is scary. I miss you my Jenni Penni, more than Sirius misses James.”

Tam, I miss you more than Samwise missed the Shire!


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