>Mai Dee!!

>I am sitting here in my house wondering what is wrong with me. Before you start throwing answers my way, I should probably be more specific…

In the past two and a half weeks, since I’ve been back in Thailand, I have had one good night of sleep. The first week was because I was in a lot of pain from my fibromyalgia and I couldn’t relax. But my body has since adjusted a bit and the pain is almost completely gone and yet I still can’t sleep. I lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep and it is so frustrating. On an average night, it takes me between three and six hours to fall asleep and I just can’t believe that is normal. Once I fall asleep, I usually stay that way for two or three hours before waking up again. It is mai dee (not good) and I am really tired of it! (No pun intended.) I have never been a good sleeper but it seems to be much worse now. I’ve tried all the tricks to relax my body and quiet my mind but nothing works.

Thanks for listening, I feel much better now that I have complained!! 🙂


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