>Life’s Like an Hourglass Glued to the Table

>I have really bad teeth. Thanks to the genes mom and dad passed on, I may have dentures by the time I’m 30 (which is only a few months away). Okay, the dentures may be an exaggeration but the bad teeth is not.

When I was visiting the states over the summer, three of my teeth broke. Three! What is the chance of that? Of course I didn’t visit a dentist there because they are so incredibly expensive and I waited till I came back to Thailand where it is cheaper. Yesterday I went to the dentist’s office and he said, “Oh, are you here to finish the implant we started last year?” I calmly informed him that no, although I would love to have a tooth in place of the metal stud that has been sitting in my mouth for the past year, I was there for other reasons. I started to list my problems and the dentist actually laughed at me. I am pretty sure that is not proper dentist etiquette. (It was like when I had my hair cut a couple months ago and the hairdresser said I have the most bizarre hair she had ever seen. You just don’t say things like that!)

Anyway, we took some x-rays and it turns out that I needed two root canals among many other fixes. So we decided to go ahead and do the first root canal yesterday. Guess what? I am among the lucky 25% of people in the world who has two roots to one tooth! Who knew I was so lucky! So, yesterday I had two root canals and today I am having a third. I am praying hard that today’s tooth only has one root!

Did I mention that the Thai word for teeth is “fun”? Ironic, isn’t it? Teeth are not fun!!!

*BTW, the title of this post is a line from a song that I woke up singing this morning and really has nothing to do with this post…


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