>Next Episode in the Teeth Saga

>I realize that I may be boring you by talking about my teeth problems every day but since it happens to be the controlling factor of the last few days of my life, that is what you get to read about.

Today I went in for yet another root canal and it was not at all a successful visit. Before giving me the Novocain, the dentist stuck one of his little tools in the there and touched the top of the tooth. It was not at all expected but I cried out and jerked my head away as far as I could while lying down in a dentist’s chair. It hurt! A lot! So, he started in on the shots trying to numb my mouth. Because it was so sensitive, he used a lot of Novocain and was digging around the back of my mouth with his needle. Not fun! Next he got out his drill and started drilling the tooth. Again my reaction was unexpected as my legs both shot up in the air and I cried out even louder than the last time. To make this long story short, the dentist numbed my mouth so much that my jaw locked and he had to pry it open. I had absolutely no control over opening my mouth and yet my tooth hurt like crazy. So, he filled my mouth with antibiotics to fight the infection and told me to come back in a few days.

It is now hours later and I still can’t open my mouth wide enough to eat anything or talk like a normal person. But the pain is lessening and hopefully I will be able to get some sleep and feel better tomorrow.

Please keep praying for the finances to come through to pay for all this dental work. Also, just pray that the pain will go away because the next couple weeks are really busy for me. Stuff like this always seems to show up when we are busy, doesn’t it? We are having English Camp in a couple weeks and I am playing the role of Camp Director which means I have a lot to do and not enough time for pain. 🙂

I appreciate the prayers!


One thought on “>Next Episode in the Teeth Saga

  1. >Jen, where are you going for the work?? I wouldn’t recommend anywhere but Grace Dental. Seriously, almost everyone who tries somewhere else ends up at Grace to fix the work… just my 2 cents.

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