>Utter Exhaustion

>Today was a long day in an incredibly hot room (probably sweat off at least five pounds) after only two hours of sleep. Every part of me is tired and my brain is not quite functioning enough to pull together an interesting blog. So here is a list of randomness (is that even a word?):

  • I almost hit two cows on the street today.
  • Today I sang a She and Him song at the top of my lungs for Aon and Ya and they laughed hysterically. Do you think that means it was really bad? πŸ™‚
  • I have somehow acquired an XBOX360 and have no idea how to use it but it looks pretty sitting next to my TV.
  • I miss vacuuming, the sound made when you roll over a particularly dirty spot and the lines on the carpet when you are finished.
  • On second thought, I miss carpet.
  • I discovered a heavenly place only a kilometer from my house and took a lot of photos. Then I lent my camera to my friend so I can’t even look at them.
  • One of those photos was of me and my new boyfriend.
  • I love that I can pull milk and orange juice out of the cupboard when I run out in the fridge because they don’t have to be refrigerated here.
  • I am getting really tired of ticks. They are everywhere and today I pulled one out of my neck.
  • When you borrow something from a friend and then keep it for two years, does that become a theft? (This one is for you Anne!)
  • I often pick the color of my shirt by how hot it is outside and how defined my sweat marks will be.
  • Today I sweat so much that even my jeans were soaked.
  • Is 6:45pm too early to go to bed?

4 thoughts on “>Utter Exhaustion

  1. >No, I don’t think randomness is a word, and yet it is half of my blog title… another reason I’ve been thinking of changing it… It’s bugged me for forever, but I just haven’t creatively come up with anything else.Sorry to hear you’re so stinking hot. So what is it with Thailand, you have hot weather and then really hot weather, is there anything else?Did you have to get rid of carpeting with the termites or something?You and your new boyfriend? That’s all you’re saying!?Ew, ticks! God blesses you with a strength I can barely understand sometimes!Sweat soaked jeans is boardering on almost being T.M.I.6:45 isn’t too early at all if you need the rest. You sound kind of over-extended lately so taking the you time to rest would be a good thing.ps word verification for this comment is monatick, what the heck.

  2. >Yeah, you can’t just slip in “new boyfriend” without pics. You really must be tired. πŸ™‚ Love keeping up on your info through the blog…and I almost chose that same background for my blog. Great minds think alike. πŸ™‚

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