>Singapore, here I come! Maybe…

>If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know that I have been stressing a lot about my dental work. It is cheaper here in Thailand than in the states, but it will still cost me over $2000 to get it done. And $2000 is something that I don’t have so I’ve been praying for a solution to this problem.

Today I heard from a friend in Singapore who had a possible solution for me. There is a chance that I may be able to fly there and get my dental work done for free or really cheap by a friend of hers. A round trip ticket from here to Singapore is under $400 which is A LOT cheaper than $2000. If it works out, I’ll probably go next week sometime. Please pray that it will work out!

Praise God for answered prayers!

P.S. Today I found pomegranates in Chiang Mai. I have to admit that I almost jumped up and down with excitement! I’ve looked for them for the past three years and asked several people but haven’t been able to find them. Today I was just walking down the street and passed someone selling them. I taught the man how to say pomegranate (nearly impossible feat) and then bought a few. I am so excited to eat them!!!


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