>Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

>Today Chiang Mai has sounded like a war zone. It’s after 10pm and the fireworks are still so constant that there is almost no break in the booms. I am going to attempt to sleep tonight but I’m thinking it is going to be a difficult task. Last night the fireworks continued until about 4pm.

Yet even with the loud noises, I can’t help but smile because it is so beautiful outside. I was driving home on my motorbike tonight and the sky was littered with hundreds of lanterns like the ones in the pictures of yesterdays post. It looked as if the stars were suddenly a lot closer and brighter and scattered in between the lanterns were fireworks constantly be let off. I couldn’t help but think about how majestic and big God is!

Aon, Ya and I decided to let off some fireworks with the neighbors after I got home. Where I grew up, we were not allowed to set off fireworks so they kinda scare me. I stayed back a little ways with my camera and oohhed and aahhed as they were set off. Our last one was supposed to shoot straight up into the sky, leaving a trail of fire behind. Instead it shot straight towards my neighbor’s house, in through the open door and fizzled out in the entryway. We all stood there in complete shock for a couple seconds before running towards the house scared. Luckily, the fire went out quickly and there was no damage but it was a scary moment!

Oh, the fun of Loy Kratong!


One thought on “>Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  1. >Oh, you Californians missed out on years of lighting bottle rockets and letting them shoot into the sky straight from your hands. Years of living on the edge and risking possible dismemberment . . . you really lived a deprived childhood.

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