>Friendly Bloggers #2

>Diane Leota Davis is written by Diane (amazing, I know). I met Diane when I was a junior is high school and she was one of the leaders in my youth group. I haven’t seen her in years but I enjoy reading her blog. Random fact: One of my closest friends, Jessica was roommates in college with Diane. I was friends with Jess for a couple years before seeing a picture of her and Diane together. Small world, huh?

The Olsen Family is written by my friend, Jenni. We were in the same youth group in San Jose together and became good friends. Unfortunately we lost touch after college but thanks to the wonders of the internet, we are back in touch. Jenni writes about her life, her family and her beautiful little girls. My favorite memory is of a night we went to Los Gatos with another friend named Jenn and met some guys (Jenni’s beautiful and attracted all kinds of attention from boys!). The guys asked us our names and we said, “Jen, Jen and Jenn.” They just stood there for a couple seconds before asking us if we were serious. That memory always makes me smile!

Lost in Translation is written by Katie Gardner. I don’t even know where to start with Katie because I’ve only known her five years and yet I have a billion and one memories with her. Katie is like family and I can completely be myself with her. When I was getting ready to move to San Diego in 2002, I got a phone call one day from a girl that I had never met before. She said her name was Katie and she was planning on moving to San Diego with her friend Erin and she wanted to know if I was interested in getting an apartment together. I have no idea what my response was but I remember hanging up and thinking that girl was really weird for wanting to live with me when we didn’t know each other. I quickly put it out of mind until a few months later when I met her. I have to admit, the first time I met her, I was scared and would never have guessed that she would soon be one of my best friends. Katie is one of the most talented and witty writers I know, so go read her blog!

Wholly Surrendered is written by Katie Gaultney. I don’t actually know Katie, never met her, but she happens to be married to a very cool guy named, Bradford. Brad and I were Amor Interns together in the summer of 2002. There is something special about spending three months living in a tent on a rock quarry in Mexico that brings people together and bonds them for life. Brad and I still keep in touch and I was very excited for him when he married Katie last year. Katie’s blog keeps me updated on the Gaultney family and helps me know exactly what to pray for when talking to God about them.

The Jungle – Thailand Edition
is written by Kim and Cory Klein. Cory works with me at The Centre and is blessed with a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. Their daughters, Evie and Winnie are both really young and Kim home schools them while Cory is at The Centre. There is something about the family that absolutely amazes me. It is one thing for a single person to pick up and move across the world to follow God’s call. But this is an entire family that picked up and moved across the world to follow the call and I can’t help but think that they are super cool for doing so. Cory has amazing leadership skills and has improved the ministry at The Centre so much in the past year that they have been here!


2 thoughts on “>Friendly Bloggers #2

  1. >I know it’s lame that I seem to be only commenting because you wrote about me, but I haven’t been keeping up very well with blogs.1. I totally forgot that I called you to live with us.2. You were scared when you first met me? Just a general sense of anxiety, or you were actually scared of me? WHY ARE PEOPLE AFRAID OF ME JEN?! WHY?! šŸ™‚

  2. >Whoa, you wrote about me! Thank you so much — for the blurb, but especially for the prayers. šŸ™‚ Brad has always said such great things about you, and we have prayed for you and your ministry. I remember specifically praying for you to find some travel documents… which I was glad to hear later were found!

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