>Chan Rak Wendy!

>Dear Wendy,

I know we have never met but my mom tells me that you are my aunt. I wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful clothes you bought me last Christmas. It is finally cooling down in Chiang Mai and since mom keeps my hair cut short, I have been a bit chilly. I have to admit that the first few times mom tried to put the clothes on me, I ran and hid. I am ashamed to say that I also pouted quite a bit in protest. However, I am starting to get used to wearing them and they really do keep me warm. I am also the envy of every dog in the neighborhood because I am so pretty when I wear them! Thank you from the bottom of my little heart!

Here is a picture of me looking beautiful in one of the shirts today:

And here is a picture of Sammy trying his hardest to look handsome without a shirt of his own:

Mom says she is going to buy Sammy his own shirt tomorrow so I guess I will have to find something else to hold over his head.

Anyway, thanks a lot! Chan Rak Khun! (That means I love you in my native language.)

Gracie Sue


One thought on “>Chan Rak Wendy!

  1. >Gracie!You look fabu! That’s California speak for fabulous. You would shame the most spoiled pup over here with your style. I think your brother Sammy is pretty cute too. Glad you are keeping your mommy happy. I’m looking forward to meeting you both next year.

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